ARENA:, Adress: 2A Basseinaya Street, Tel: 492-00-00, Hours: 9pm - Last customer

As far as nightclub venues in Kiev go, Arena which is located in the very center of the city inside the round structure right next to Bessarabski market is the king of clubs. Inside Arena is more architecturally stylish than a watering hole needs to be. Arena consists of multiple floors, featuring a Casino, sports bar, sushi restaurant and of course a standard nightclub with a large VIP area.

Mojitos and martinis are the cocktails of choice, and rich new Russian types and local Ukrainian celebrities are usually well-represented in the see-and-be-seen crowd. That should come as no surprise; provided Arena is partially owned by the famous boxers – Klitchko brothers frequently make an appearance at the first floor sports bar. Follow the stairs in the back of the room and you’ll come to the second-floor casino, continuing up the stairs brings you to a restaurant and the final floor contains the large disco area. There is also surprisingly pleasant balcony that overlooks the upscale middle of the large building in which the club is housed.

Recommended visit for any foreigner visiting Kiev for the first time.


Adress: 39-41 Shota Rustaveli Street, Tel: 289-0194, Hours: 12pm - Last customer

The self proclaimed "Pre Party" place Chocolate or Shokolate if you will is a new addition to Kiev's party spots and we welcome it. Chocolate features amazing cocktails and the service is absolutely impeccable. The crowd is usually beautiful, well behaved and provides a worthy 'people watching' entertainment element. Make sure to come with friends, order Hookah and start you night off right.


Adress: 16 Shota Rustaveli Street, Tel: 20-649-20, Hours: 11am - Last customer

Defiantly euro-trashy, despite years of evidence to the contrary, Kiev's Decadence house is unabashedly expensive and remorselessly exclusive, especially for girls.

Convenient downtown location, great food and music make this a perfect spot for any evening in Kiev both in summer and winter time.


Adress: 134 Frunze Street, Tel: 468-4068, Hours: 8pm - Last customer

Inside this concert hall/restaurant/night club you'll feel like you're in a pimped out den. Dark red lights accented by diamond necklaces fill the space with a glittery comfort. With a monster dance floor, stage area and mirrors on the ceiling, Freedom decor is both decadent and gaudy at the same time. The bartenders are surprisingly fast and friendly, so no need to worry if you aren't lucky enough to secure a table reservation.

Make sure to check their weekly events as they typically host a concert or two through week. Freedom brings in Russian pop heavyweights, ranging from Baskov to Yosif Kobzon. The club also is available for private events and corporate functions.

Freedom can give you all of your entertainment needs.


Adress: 12/27 Dekabristov Street, Tel: 563-6533, Hours: 11am - Last customer

Welcome to one of Kiev's mega entertainment complexes. Maximum is veteran of Kiev, having operated for a number of years with much succsess, largely due to their loyal client base of students and young professionals, drawing consistent crowds with its wide array of activity offers. One can visit Disco, Bowl, see a Striptease, play some Billiards, gamble the night away, or just enjoy a fine meal by fireplace. With all of these activities readily available in one building, why wouldn't this place be so polpular? The disco is a standart bar, dance floor and laser lights with the only caveat being occasional strio shows and various theme parties.

Maximum one stop shop approach has been a success for many years and you can still get lots of mileage out of this place if you come on the right night.


Adress: 10 Muzeiniy Prospekt, Tel: 253-0150, Hours: 8pm - Last customer

Kiev's Patipa is truly 21st-century club with all the sleek trimmings you've come to expect. The designers who put together some of Western Europe's best clubs, have joined forces in Kiev to take us deep into the vibe of their creative vision.

Patipa is probably Kiev's most original club. For true connoisseurs of House in Kiev, Patipa is a dream realized. It combines all the benefits of a mega-club, such top-notch DJs and killer sound system.

The club features a number of separate areas, such as a 'Chill out' area, banquet hall, cafe in the event you are craving small snack, and totally secluded rooms upstairs which are big enough to handle up to 20 of your closer friends. The cool thing about them is they are equipped with a phone which puts you in touch with bar/restaurant if you get thirsty/hungry and provides a live feed of the dance floor on a plasma screen TV, to assure you do not miss a beat. The rooms are also equipped with climate control, just in case something causes you to get hot and bothered. Patipa should be on the list of places for you to visit if you truly want to relax and have a great time with your friends.


Adress: 20 Moskovskaya Street, Tel: 254-2024, Hours: 9pm - Last customer

From it's state-of-the-art space in the center of Kiev, Shooters provides a music program specializing in various genres of music. Kiev's Shooters is a great place to relax with friends, and becomes a meat market for Kiev after work happy hour scene. It is a heaven for mature individuals seeking intelligent nightlife with neither the hasless of large clubs not the elitism of upscale lounges with too many VIP rooms.

Shooters has set a new level in Kiev nightlife by going back to basics: greatest DJs on the planet, fast and entertaining bar service, nice decor and fine sound system.

Shooter is a breath of fresh air in kiev's dabce nightlife scene, offering a laid back casual nightlife experience with good crowds and well priced drinks.


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