This section of the website highlights the best restaurants in kyiv. We only list and review, restaurants that our staff or our clients have visited & recommended. So let us be your food guide to Kiev and use our positive experiences to enhance your dining enjoyment whilst on your city break stay in Ukraine.

You won't die from starvation in Kiev, that’s for sure. Today the capital boasts hundreds of restaurants serving various cuisines and offering their customers comfort and style. Whether you are seeking for traditional Ukrainian restaurants or restaurants serving classical French, Chinese and Italian cuisines, you will find the most suitable establishments. Restaurants, bars and cafes are available throughout the city, particularly in the centre and near the places of tourists' interest. Read on for our top city break tables to try on your Ukraine holidays.

Most of the best restaurants are tucked away in basements or in storefront buildings, but there are exceptions. Panorama is located on the 12th floor of the Dnipro Hotel. This restaurant has the most stunning views of the Dnipro River that stretches from St. Sophia's Cathedral in the west to the Friendship Arch in the east. The Panorama like most of the other principle hotel restaurants offers quality ethnic Ukrainian cuisine. For the views alone, its worth seeking out the Panorama restaurant, but remember to make advance bookings, as its only a small place. New establishments with new themes open regularly, delivering top class food in modern surroundings. The prices at some new, trendy restaurants in the centre are rising accordingly, but an evening dining out at most places will still cost less than you would expect to pay for the same level of service and quality at home.

On the right bank of the Dnipro River, resting in the water is the lovely Poseidon restaurant. This well designed restaurant offers an intimate and truly marine atmosphere and is also very close to many fantastic landmark tourist attractions in Kiev. Poseidon boasts a range of astounding dishes and the fish is cooked with detailed perfection. For a romantic breaks meal on your Ukraine holiday, then Poseidon, with its extraordinary water views, great food and quality service, will certainly be a great dining choice. Another different styled restaurant to consider is Capuchin. This medieval decorated restaurant, offers its European short break guests an extensive menu and is well known for its game dishes. Furnished like an ancient castle, with stone walls, armory and wax candles, the atmosphere is unique and will transport you to the past, where you can truly have a magnificent gourmet meal & enjoy plenty of night entertainment. Also attached to the restaurant is a popular pub, where most evenings they have live music, ranging from jazz and blues. Capuchin represents great value for money, an excellent night out and of course great food.

A stylish restaurant in Ukraine’s capital is the jazz themed ‘Dixieland’. The menu is every bit as sophisticated as the jazz sounds you’ll hear & experience. The service is attentive but not over bearing and the dishes presented are culinary delights. Nobel restaurant has a strong reputation for being one of the best places to dine in the capital. The cuisine is fusion and the interior design is modern-minimalistic. It has won over the Ukraine public through its innovation, creativity and consistency in quality. If you would like is us to reserve a table to avoid disappoint whilst on your Kiev city break, we would be delighted to assist. For first class Japanese cuisine, then we highly recommend Nobu on your short stay holiday. Located in the city centre, Nobu has established itself firmly within the dining scene in Kyiv dining scene. They offer high-class Japanese cuisine, a menu mainly consisting of sushi and sashimi, using only the freshest ingredients, delivered to the Nobu from a Japanese food centre, serving all Japanese restaurants in New York. The dishes are prepared by Japanese sushi masters that will please both your eyes and your mouth. Not only is the food outstanding but the prices are very reasaonable, another great reason to visit this restaurant.

New Bombay Palace is the best restaurant for Indian cuisine. The interior is saturated by Indian features, the menu is extensive with reasonable prices and there are plenty of vegetable dishes for vegetarians. They except large bookings, but reservations will have to be made in advance. Unlike in the UK, they don’t encourage stag weekend party’s, so discerning travelers can eat in peace. The best two Chinese restaurants are Du Long and Mandarin. Mandarin in particular is very authentic and is a true piece of the Orient in Kiev to enjoy ancient cuisines and a harmonious atmosphere. Tequila House is a Mexican restaurant that is a great place for vegetarians. The vegetarian fajitas are huge and extremely tasty. The staff are also flexible with adapting dishes from the main menu. It is also worth noting that in a recent Ukrainian survey of ‘best restaurants in Kiev’ the Tequila House was voted no.1, in joint position with Arizona. Arizona is a short taxi ride from Khreschatik, located on the outskirts of the Podil district. They serve Tex/Mex food of good portions in a relaxed atmosphere. The restaurant also has got quality pool tables to give you something else to do, but is general monopolized by a Kiev stag parties or expats. It is also worth noting that they do fantastic breakfasts, great for after a heavy night on the town.

L’amour is a great choice for a meal for two as part of a romantic city break holidays. The interior is based around an 18th century French chateaux and the menu takes you on a geographic tour of French cuisine with recipes that are based on regional dishes covering the whole of France. We highly recommend this restaurant during your short break trips. On the outskirts is another restaurant that specialises in French cuisine, called Pokava. It’s set in a large picturesque building, with many banqueting halls, perfect for large corporate functions & dinners. For large groups, it is the ideal place for big occasions, dinner speeches and having a superb party. A highlight in the dining scene is the Vagon-Restaurant in the very centre of the city. The restaurant is designed around ‘train dining compartments’ of various styles and origins, ranging from Cowboy wagons and oriental express to Royal compartments and traditional British. The experience in itself is wonderful, enhanced by good food & friendly service. Other restaurant’s worth a mention: Fellini, San Tori, Khutorets, Le Grand Cafe, Mimino, Pantagruel, Zaporizhya, Concord, Amazonka, Apollo, Barcelona, Butterfly, Caesar, Campai Sushi Bar, Caravella, Cave, Himalaya and Tapac.


The last few years has seen an explosion of quality restaurants in Kiev.

Arizona BBQ T.G.I.Fridays
25 Naberezhno 5a Besarabska square
Khreshchatytska st 235-4264
Pushistiy Sushi-bar Nobu
23a Velyka Vasylkivska st 12 Shota Rustaveli St
234-3101 246-7734
Karavan Pena
10 Klovskiy Uzviz 30/18 Yaroslaviv st
280-9577 234-1701
Mandarin Tubiteyka
Pier 6 Naberezhnaya 29/50 Tarasivska st
599-0877 287-0242
Naberezhne shosse
Ani Kazbek
72 Chervonoarmiyska st 30a L Ukrainky blvd
590-2565 285-4805
Hinkali Kuvshyn
4 Shota Rustaveli st 10 Fedrova st
234-0692 592-6363
Comme il Faut Vernissage
Velyka Zhytomyrska st, 2a 30 Andriyivskiy uzviz
219-1919 425-2403
Crop de Chine Fellini
25 Hoholivska st 5 Horodetskoho st
537-7070 279-5462
L’Accente Teatro Restaurant Opera hotel
5 Lesi Ukrainky blvd 53 B Khmelnitskogo st
200-5002 581-7070
Olivera Terracotta
2A Velyka Zhytomyrska st 5-7/29 Pushkinska st
219-1919 537-4535
Concord Marocana
42/4 Pushkinska st 24 Lesi Ukrainky blvd
234-7788 254-4999
Limoncello Skartet Samobranka
22, Moskovska st 26 Bohatyrska st
254-2024 592-0020
Arena Boutique Restaurant
2a Baseyna 15 Sagaydachnogo st
492-000 581-2898
B-Hush Koleso
Velyka Zhytomyrsks st 2a Nad. Khreschatyktska st
219-1919 462-5596
Chokolate Miami Blues
39-41 Shota Rustaveli 114 Velyka Vasylkivska st
289-0194 239-1133
Deja Vue Tato restaurant
30B Khmelnytskoho st 6/11 Sofyi Perovski st
235=9802 456-1782
Grill Asia restaurant Wagon restaurant
5 Alla Tarasova st 52 Chervonoarmiyska st
581-1234 287-0490
Hunter Club restaurant terrace
147/5 Saksahanskoho st 60a b Vozdvyzhenska st
236-3735 531-9933
Non-Stop Cipollino
6 Prospekt Peremony 1a Grushevskoho st
236-0501 279-9191
23a Velyka Vasylkivska st
Brunello bar Decadence
5 Alla Tarasova st 16 Shota Rustaveli st
581-1234 206-4920
Ciro’s Pomodero Lucull
12 Shota Rustaveli st 63 Velyka Vasylkivska st
221-4545 287-3080
Da Vinci Fish Club Rukola
12 Vladimirskaya st Pier 6 Naberezhne shosse
490-3434 428-7717
Nirvana lounge Shastra
28b Lesi Ukrainki blvd 126a Chervonozoryanly prosp
285-5215 524-5555
Himalaya New Bombay Palace
23 Khreschatyk st 33a Druzhby Narodov blvd
270-5437 285-8708
Caribbean club Mambo
4 Kominterna st 5 Druzhby Narodov blvd
224-4111 522-8224
115d Gorkogo st
Kupetcheskiy Dvor Pelmennitsa
24th km of Stolchne highway 56 Chervonoarmiyska st
8067-246-6246 287-1073
14 Sofievska st
Stare Zaporizhzhia O’Panas
27 Sahaidachnoho 10 Tereschenkovskaya st
425-5161 585-0523
Fortetsya Varenichnaya #1
21 Gongadze prospect 28 Esplanada st
463-5130 287-1539
Nab. Khreschatytska st pier 1


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