Is it chauvinistic? Sure. Is it sexist? You betcha. But it's also entertaining. Check out our travel writers rankings of the ten cities with the most beautiful women in the world. For more beautiful women, take a look at the countries with the world's hottest women! While ladies and anyone else so inclined can check out the ten cities with the world's hottest guys. - Article written by Dakota Smith, Travelers Digest.

5. Varna, Bulgaria

Bulgaria isn't the most well-known country, even Europeans might have trouble finding it on a map, but what it lacks in fame it more than compensates in beautiful women. Varna is on the country's stunning Black Sea coast and in the summer the city becomes jam-packed with sunbathing beauties. Similar to their Russian and Ukrainian counterparts, girls here are often tall and light-eyed.

4. Buenos Aires, Argentina

I have to take a firm stance and declare that Buenos Aires has the most beautiful women in South America! That's right; more so than Brazil, Venezuela or Colombia. There's just something about the cultured atmosphere of Buenos Aires that makes everything seem so much more romantic. Do yourself a favor and visit this extraordinary city and maybe ask the most beautiful woman, that you have ever seen in your life, to teach you the tango.

3. New York City, United States

The only American city on the list; New York was a close call for the number-one spot. Because New York is a melting pot of so many different cultures and ethnicities, the city has some of the most diverse and beautiful women in the world. Hang out in the Village and you will see trendy and smart girls out on the town, the clubs in the Meatpacking District are where you'll find the Eastern European models, and Brooklyn has enough cute hipster chicks to fill a thousand Apple stores. But the thing that really makes New York women so special... is their fashion!

2. Stockholm, Sweden

What you have seen on the beer commercials is true; Sweden really does have some of the world's most beautiful women. The streets of Stockholm are literally packed with these gorgeous women, who are as tall as they are luscious. Even better, is that Scandinavians are world renowned for their friendliness, so there's a good chance that the girl you're ogling is actually a sweet and down to earth person.


KIEV is, without a doubt, home to the world's most beautiful women. A visit to KIEV is truly awe-inducing, it's almost hard to believe that women this beautiful even exist. They're also less intimidating and more friendly than their Russian counterparts. Check out KIEV in the summertime, when the Hydropark Island on the Dnieper River becomes a hot spot for sunbathing Ukrainian beauties.

Miss Ukraine and the women of Kiev have a lot in common.


<table style="width: 592px;" border="0" align="center">
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<h1><span style="font-family: georgia,palatino;"><span style="font-size: medium;">ABOUT KIEV </span></span><strong><span style="font-size: medium;"><br /></span></strong></h1>
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<p style="text-align: center;"><img src="/images/stories/info_main.jpg" border="0" /></p>
<td style="text-align: justify;" colspan="5"><strong>Ukraine </strong>the largest contiguous country on the <a title="Europe">European</a> continent. Ukraine's <a>history</a> began with the <a>Kievan Rus'</a>, the precursor to the <a>East Slavs</a>. From the 9th century the Kievan Rus' became a large and powerful nation but disintegrated in the 12th century. Ukraine was the center of the medieval <a title="Early East Slavs">living area of the East Slavs</a>. After the <a>Great Northern War</a> (1700–1721) Ukraine was divided between a number of regional powers and, by the 19th century, the largest part of Ukraine was integrated into the <a>Russian Empire</a> with the rest under <a title="Austro-Hungarian Empire">Austro-Hungarian</a> control. After a <a title="Ukraine after the Russian Revolution">chaotic period</a> of incessant warfare and several attempts at independence (1917–21) following <a>World War I</a> and the <a>Russian Civil War</a>, it emerged on December 30, 1922 as one of the founding <a>republics of the Soviet Union</a>. The <a>Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic</a>'s territory was enlarged westward shortly before and after <a>World War II</a>, and southwards in 1954 with the <a title="Crimea">Crimea transfer</a>. In 1945, the Ukrainian SSR became one of the founding members of the <a>United Nations</a>.
<p>Ukraine became independent again after the <a title="History of the Soviet Union (1985-1991)">dissolution of the Soviet Union</a> in 1991.</p>
<p>The various structures of the <a>Kiev Pechersk Lavra</a> date to different time periods, and through their styles offer an insight into the <a>History of Ukraine</a> and the rich craftsmanship that was developed in its long period.</p>
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<td style="text-align: center; width: 33%;" colspan="2"><span style="font-size: medium;">ABOUT KIEV</span></td>
<td style="text-align: center; width: 33%;" colspan="3"><span style="font-size: medium;"> </span><span style="font-size: medium;">ABOUT ODESSA</span></td>
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<tr style="text-align: left;">
<td colspan="2" valign="top"><strong>Kiev</strong> is the <a title="Capital city">capital</a> and the largest city of <a>Ukraine. located in the north central part of the country on the </a><a>Dnieper River</a>. The population as of the 2001 <a>census</a> was 2,611,300.<strong> </strong></td>
<td colspan="3" valign="top"><strong>Odessa</strong> is a major <a title="Port">seaport</a> located on the northwest shore of the <a>Black Sea</a> and the fourth largest city in Ukraine with a population of 1,029,000</td>
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"С "Luxury Kiev" это было одно из лучших путешествий в Восточную Европу за всю жизнь"
Paul Bemis, PhD, JD, Chairman, CEO - 8 сен 2010


"Хочу сказать, что я доверил "Luxury Kiev" решать все мои проблемы и нужды во время поездки. Тур был прекрасный и все было сделано очень профессионально."
Joseph Rabe - 23 фев 2011

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