Truly, Kiev has got a great deal of sights to offer both to its residents and visitors. Some will leisurely wander through the maze of cozy Podil streets and then plunge into the hectic life of Khreshchatik. In the meanwhile, others will have a strong preference to attend the city’s various museums, gold-domed churches and cathedrals, admire the grandeur of its parks on the banks of the Dnieper. Yet, there is another landmark in Ukraine’s capital city that fuses a unique parkland setting and amazing architecture in a terrific way. It is the Dynamo stadium carrying the name of Valeriy Lobanovskiy - the home stadium of FC Dynamo Kiev.


In the last few years many sport centers, which meet most international standards, have appeared in Kiev. They boast a full range of facilities and can offer something to everyone, whatever his health and fitness goals may be. Individual service and state-of-the-art health and fitness equipments are just irreproachable. If you are interested, find detailed information on facilities, equipment, programs, special offers and events of major sport centers in Kiev.


Kiev is the city where there are numerous opportunities for spending your free time. If you want to try something new, unusual and exciting, check out the variety of outdoor activities the Ukrainian capital offers. For example, parachute jumping is a perfect way to make your day truly memorable; carting will make you feel as if you are a Formula-1 pilot; paintball will return you to your childhood, when you could spend hours planning your attack.


Feel the tension of a Grand Prix with 30 minutes of go karts racing in modern karting venue in Kiev. The indoor track is in roofed arena located dozen minutes from downtown and the outdoor alternative is more then 300 meters long track with straights where you can drive up to 40 mph. The trackside bar offers good refreshement between races and we invite you for a beer there.


Kiev can offer you a lot of good places to play billiards or bowling. These two old games have recently gained a wide popularity in the world. Today all major cities in Ukraine have clubs, providing guests with professional high-end equipment - good quality billiard tables and bowling alleys. In many such clubs you can not only play billiards or bowling but entertain yourself with other activities. Most clubs were created with both professional players and amateurs in mind.


Kiev is one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally vibrant cities. There are some real gems here to explore if you like the arts, architecture and atmospheric neighbourhoods. Its museums do a decent job of preserving and presenting its rich and lustrous history, while iconic venues like the Opera House let you experience the talent of Ukraine’s cultural performers. Start your explorations on foot in the charming district of Podil, and spread out from there.


Recovering from the Soviet past, Kiev is becoming a capital city of European standards with all the attributes (such as large shopping and recreation centers, boutiques and top brands shops) peculiar to large cities. In this section we offer you information on major shopping centers and supermarkets, as well as some tips where you could buy gifts, souvenirs and high-quality vodka in the Ukrainian capital. You can also find brief information on markets and department stores in the Print and Take section.


All the beauty salons listed pride themselves in providing each client with the best individual care and attention expected from first-class health and beauty studios. Treat yourself to a massage, and indulge body and soul with a wide range of health, beauty and stress relieving treatments.


One of the Ukrainian folklore proverbs say that "the sauna steams and gives health". It is well-known that people have enjoyed a sauna since ancient times. According to some old treatises, a sauna gives ten benefits, which include clarity, coolness, energy, health, strength, beauty, youth, cleanness, silk skin and women's attention. Being in a sauna positively affects the functioning conditions of major human organs and intensifies metabolism. In the end, sauna is just very pleasant.



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